Nexzu Electric Vehicle Startup Branding

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Branding a Futuristic Smart Mobility Startup

The mobility space is going through a constant metamorphosis. Avan Motors, one of India’s fastest-growing electric scooter manufacturer wanted to forge ahead on its mission towards becoming the country’s most preferred future mobility company. A pathbreaking branding exercise was the need of the hour.


New Brand Creation

Almond Branding used its proprietary Brand Nomenclature process to coin a new Brand Name that will stand true to the ethos of the company. The company with its strong focus on technology and consumer centricity has been striving to bring the most innovative offerings to the consumer

The birth of NEXZU

To drive the fact that this company will bring the NEXT innovation for U, the new brand name proposed was NEXZU. Nexzu Mobility will be ‘Bringing the Next revolution for the Gen Z spirit in U’. In doing so, the Brand Name is also captuting the Brand Promise of ‘Smart Mobility’ - to take ‘You’ to your ‘Next’ destination – closer to your next goal in life.

Futuristic         Mobility

Futuristic                                                     Mobility

The Symbol

The Logotype

New Brand Logo Identity

The Nexzu Logo combines two important brand elements: The circular Nexzu symbol and the stylish Nexzu wordmark. The circular symbol with pathway-inspired stripes forming an “N” is representative of the strong foundations in Mobility and the spirit of continuous innovation.


Visual Depiction of Brand Promise

The Wordmark typeface embodies the Brand Promise of Smart Mobility in a visual depiction. The razor edge shaped elements representing forward movement and futuristic approach along with negative spaces depicting pathways represent the true spirit of futuristic Mobility. The brand colour Black captures the bold, smart and future-led approach while a touch of blue adds to its technology and customer-focused angle.


The Design Language

Almond Branding went on to develop a consistent Visual Vocabulary for Nexzu so that all consumer touchpoints - right from the website to the dealer spaces, all spoke the same brand language. The angular structure of the new Visual Identity encompasses energy, forward movement, growth and futuristic approach. The Design Language crafted by Almond is strict enough to maintain consistency across, as well as fluid enough to adapt itself to various mediums – from social media posts to print collaterals to billboards.


The Product Brand Nomenclature

With the corporate branding exercise, the company has also expanded its products portfolio by adding 2 new e-scooters. Almond Branding has also crafted the Brand Names for these scooters: Dextro and Dextro Plus.