Brand Creation & Strategy

We at Almond help you create, build and grow your brand.

Our approach.

We build your brand strategy using Design Thinking methodology (a study of culture, product, consumer and category for multidimensional insights), understanding of current market dynamics and your business model to arrive at practical solutions for each of your brand goals to forge a purposeful connection at every level with your audience.

We begin by identifying what your brand stands for. Combining our experienced foresight and profound processes that revolve around Design Thinking methodology; we dive deep to understand the tactical cause of your varied business problems, and translate every component of your brand to create brand strategy that differentiates and invokes a trusted image of your brand in the market.

How we do it.

All the components of your brand – your brand name, brand story, brand architecture and brand positioning have the power in their own right to tell your audience precisely and coherently what you must. We make sure that your brand is empowered and nourished to occupy a firm brand image in the mind and hearts of your consumers turning them into a loyal consumer base, increase your market share and prove as a challenge to competition.

Brand Core

This is the brand foundation. We define the Brand Personality, Brand Essence, Brand Promise and the core Brand Thought.

Brand Story

The base of the Brand Story is the core Brand Thought that will connect with your consumers and differentiate you from competition. The Brand Story is reflected in every element of your brand system.

Brand Positioning

It is the distinctive position that every brand desires to own to hold a sustainable competitive advantage. We help craft yours to express your ‘niche’ value to ensure your target audience can distinguish you.

Brand Naming

We use proprietary processes to generate a name that clicks and connects; has phonetic/semantic representation of the Brand Story with a strategic rationale.

Brand Architecture

We structure the roles and strategy of all your brands in alignment with your corporate brand to achieve clarity, efficiency, focus, growth and equity.

Brand Extension

At a time when you decide to launch a new product line outside of the your existing category, we help you with Brand Extension guidelines to use your already established brand name in the new product category. Our goal is that you should effortlessly leverage the available equity that your parent brand holds.

Trend Tracking & Brand Audits:

We use research tactics using Design Thinking methodology to study culture, product, consumer and category for multidimensional insights, which is followed by deeper analysis in terms of trends and audits.

Brand Launch Strategy

To tap your potential consumers at the right time, we help you launch a brand through the right brand messaging to ensure your TG is convinced enough to buy into your products. We custom-build your launch strategy based on your brands goals and objectives.