Brand Visual Identity

We create a Brand's Visual Vocabulary - the unique "alphabet" of design elements – such as shape, color, materials, finish, typography and composition – which communicate a brand's values and personality through compelling imagery and design style.

Our approach.

As humans, we connect with people who look visually in a certain way, speak and behave in a certain way; mainly due to similarities and their distinctive appeal we tend to connect with them better than many others.

Brands are no different than human beings; using these fundamentals of human analogy, we have developed our own Intelligent DesignTM framework that identifies and selects the set of familiar human behavior and characteristics to create consistent and coherent visual elements such as color, font, shape, form or symbol that strongly convey symbolic meanings and best align with your brand’s values, and qualities that your product has.

What we offer

Not limited to Logo Design alone, Brand Visual Identity covers the Design Language or Visual Vocabulary of a brand, tone of voice, type of vocabulary used in messaging, brand collaterals and brand guidelines that keeps everything in sync to help build an emotional hook and recognition among your consumers.

Brand Logo Creation

Much the first outward, visual expression to build recognition, we create your logo that is distinctive, usable across formats, high on memorability and universal.

Brand Visual Vocabulary

We create a design language for your brand that you can own, capitalize and scale across formats. This Design language becomes the public face of your business; the “skin” that projects your identity and decides how your consumers perceive your business.

Brand Collaterals

We craft the set of collaterals as per your brand’s requirements, in sync with the Brand Visual Vocabulary

Brand Guidelines

We lay down a strict Style Guide as the primary visual DNA for your Brand. It’s a document that describes and exemplifies how your brand looks like on various media and lays down the Dos and the Don’ts.