Amul TRU Brand Creation & Packaging Design

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Helping Amul enter the Fruits Beverage market

Amul was planning to enter the highly competitive Fruit beverages market with a definitive edge.

New Brand Creation

Almond Branding used its proprietary Brand Nomenclature tools to come up with a number of Brand Names that can go well with the category and appeal to the new age consumer. However, the one name that was closest to the heart at Almond, also rang bells instantly with Amul. Within no time, a new brand under Amul’s stable was born and it was called TRU.

With the trust of millions of consumers, for whom Amul means the best quality and who are sure to expect only and only the purest of things whenever its favourite brand launches a new product, there couldn’t have been a better name that goes with the ethos of the brand Amul.

The brand name is short, catchy, easy to recall, easily extendable and also has a good sound value – all that you would love to have in a kickass brand name!

Brand Positioning

Almond delved deep into understanding the associations that consumers have with the fruit juices and the beverages category at large. For some it was a mood enhancer, for others it was a conversation starter or a tool to build relationships and for yet others it was a reflection of their attitude. The intention was to identify the space Amul can own.

After weighing the scales between an emotional and functional standpoint, Almond decided to keep it straightforward – Fruit Nutrition. Fruit Nutrition, that’s true to the core – was the single most reason identified as to why the consumer will buy the brand and eventually fall in love with it.

Brand Identity

The core essence of the brand – being pure to the core, was captured in the simple yet modern typeface of the logo. Amul is everyone’s brand and hence the name Tru was written in all small-case making it more friendly and approachable. The sans-serif fonts with well-rounded curves gave it the perfect balance of modernity and style, stability and reliability.

Packaging Design Strategy

The beverage was being priced at Rs.10 for a 200ml bottle. That meant that the design language of the brand had to be kept simple enough to attract the attention of consumers from across SECs.

The Visual Hook was an appetizing shot of the fruit plunging into a splash of juice depicting the freshness of fruit that the brand was promising. The Goodness of Real Fruit was highlighted with a bold mnemonic in front, not to be missed. The wavy modern striped pattern added the style quotient to the overall look.

Impactful Packaging Design

Almond Branding believes that every consumer touchpoint should be communicating your Brand Story whole-heartedly and Packaging is one such critical touchpoint.

The first thing that Almond proposed to Amul was to have transparent PET bottles where the fruit beverage inside can be flaunted, unlike the Amul Kool range where its sleeved up to the top. This would be the true test for Amul Tru. When you are true to the core, you have no qualms in going transparent about everything.

Overall, a very simple yet impactful packaging design. That’s what is the true essence of Almond Branding’s Intelligent Design theory.