Chai – Building Canada’s first Tea cafe chain

A Landmark in Canadian Tea Culture
The mission was simple yet powerful: to bring the rich heritage of Indian tea to the global stage and make it easily accessible to the Indian diaspora in North America, while offering Canadians a chance to indulge in the delights of this beloved beverage and its accompanying snacks.

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Canada's First Indian Tea Café Chain

Chai is the brainchild of two entrepreneur friends who have called Canada home since their student days. As they immersed themselves in Canadian culture, they noticed a gap in the market - while countless coffee chains dotted the country, there was a distinct absence of dedicated tea cafés or chains. Driven by their love for tea and a desire to share its wonders with the world, they decided to transform their idea into a reality. That's when Almond Branding stepped in to create a remarkable brand from scratch and develop its captivating visual identity.


Unleashing the Essence of Tea

Our journey with Chai began with numerous cups of tea and spirited brainstorming sessions. Together, we delved deep into the heart of tea-drinking, exploring the nostalgic visuals and cultural codes associated with this timeless beverage. From the earthy allure of "kulhad wali" chai served in clay cups to the bustling atmosphere of a traditional "tapri" experience, no detail was left unexamined. We celebrated the freshness of the humble tea leaf and marveled at the intricate processes it undergoes before reaching our cups.

Crafting a Captivating Visual Identity

At Almond Branding, we knew that capturing the essence of Chai required a visual identity that would transport Indian Canadians on a nostalgic journey back to their homeland, where they first fell in love with tea. With this goal in mind, we carefully crafted a logo that seamlessly blended Indian patterns with the iconic tea kettle. This unique icon instantly evokes a sense of familiarity and warmth. Complementing the logo, our wordmark features a Devanagari-inspired typeface in all small caps, reflecting the brand's authentic Indian-ness and approachability.


Introducing the First Indian Drive Thru Experience in Canada

As Chai embarks on its journey to make a mark on Canadian soil, we're thrilled to introduce the first-ever Indian drive-thru experience. Nestled in the Greater Vancouver area, the Chai store is a haven where patrons can enjoy their favourite samosas and light snacks alongside their choice of tea. We've designed a space that combines the convenience of a drive-thru with the flavours and aromas of authentic Indian cuisine, bringing a slice of India to the comfort of your car.


Engaging Audiences and Simplifying Choices

Our branding solution for Chai goes beyond aesthetics. It's designed to catch attention amidst a sea of competing beverage brands, helping Chai stand out and build recall among consumers. By connecting with audiences on a global level, we're inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to indulge in the rich flavors and cultural experience that Chai offers.

Furthermore, our branding aims to demystify Chai and its offerings, enabling quick and informed purchase decisions. We want customers to feel confident in their choices and embrace Chai as their go-to beverage for all occasions.


Chai is more than just a beverage!

It's a cultural journey, an experience that transcends borders and brings people together - a bridge that connects hearts, cultures, and moments of joy. Join us at Chai as we celebrate the magic of this beloved drink and create lasting memories, one cup at a time.