Retail & Space Design

We create retail and branded space environments that are visually stimulating and communicate your brand character, idea and story. We build memorable campaigns that stimulate and shape consumer’s perspective about your products and forge an emotional connection.

We observe and visualize shopper experiences at various touch points and decipher multiple buying triggers and subtle differences in the way consumer engagement takes place at different stages. This derivation finds a way into our Design Thinking to develop the core retail campaign idea, key messaging and visuals to create an impact.

Retail Visibility Strategy

Campaign Development

Point of Sales(POSM)

Retail Store Design



We combine our understanding of interior design, architectural design and landscape design with Design Thinking to understand the objectives of your retail store or office space and arrive at a theme that best describes your brand’s inherent character, big idea and story. We use emerging digital technologies to create sensory and interactive experiences in the form of 2D/3D designs, delightful palettes and meaningful symbols that resonate and engage your employees and customers.

Office/Work Space Design: We express your corporate vision, mission, brand values and the purpose of being in the business lucidly on your office space.

Corporate Space Branding