Cafe Amul

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Café Amul is a casual dining QSR that serves scrumptious delicacies ranging from pizzas, burgers to sandwiches and sundaes, in a pleasant environment.


Almond Branding was brought on board to craft the Design Language of the newly opening stores at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, capturing the nostalgia around taste, texture and aromas. The idea was to create a stimulating environment – a space that invites people to come in and enjoy their local food as well as international cuisine in a chilled out setting.

The Taste of India

Amul is the Taste of India and there was no doubt that the Visual Vocabulary had to capture the essence of Indian-ness in it. Inspired by the local ‘rekdis’ to the ‘Chai ka Katta’, the design celebrated the extraordinary street food culture of India.

Vibrant Typography, relatable Design elements, fresh & modern colour scheme helped to build the Brand Imagery. On top of that, a series of witty and quirky posters helped to create the mood and set the tone.

Goes without saying that there had to be mouth-watering food shots around to build the tempt factor.

However, we felt it was also important to communicate some trivia about our all-so-dear brand Amul that could enhance the love for the brand.

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