We have over a decade full of experience of having worked across the spectrum of Branding and Design projects, generally commencing with research before defining a brand’s strategy, occasionally solving brand architecture issues, generating names for new ventures and charting out a launch plan. Next we brainstorm for powerful ideas for design and communications, before executing them to solve the business problem at hand, with greatest impact.

The Almond Story

Brands are like Humans and hence need nourishment at right junctures, for them to grow to their fullest potential. Brand NourishmentTM helps in maintaining good Brand Health and in creating Brand Wealth in the long learn.

A startup requires Brand NourishmentTM to make the Brand Foundation stronger so that a flourishing and successful brand can be build on top of that. An established brand too needs Brand NourishmentTM from time to time to rejuvenate to remain relevant to the ever-changing consumer sensibilities.

Brand NourishmentTM works at the core of the brand, defining what the brand will stand for or revamping the brand’s physique in line with the brand’s DNA.

We at Almond offer Brand NourishmentTM

Why Us?

We know that feeling when you sent the design to printers and they said its non-implementable. Yeah, design guys are sometimes too creative to understand printing and artworking, you can’t blame them. But, you can hire a full-stack brand design team that will take care of every single thing from choosing the right pantone shade to trapping so that what you see and like on screen is exactly what you get as the final output. Trust us, you’re in good hands.

We believe in creating Intelligent DesignTM that not only looks good but works good in the market. Intelligent DesignTM is Design for Impact – one that wins Consumer’s trust and love and also positively affects the balance sheet.


We understand the arena of Branding and Design thoroughly. With an experience of over a decade, we have helped our clients overcome varied business problems and challenges. This has made Almond one of the best branding and design agencies in India.

Consequently, we will prevent you making those mistakes at every stage. You will spend less time, efforts and money on design development, launch your product in shorter time and achieve your goals earlier.