A long-term plan of strategic actions to achieve specific goals and objectives of your Brand



The sum total of everything about your brand, your audience can see and relate to



Your product’s external face that drives brand image to propel purchase decisions



Telling your Brand story through each of your consumer touchpoints


Strategic Branding & Design Agency in Mumbai


Our role is to make you look at your brand’s growth from a very different lens and help you reach the true potential of your brand through Brand NourishmentTM 

With a passionate team of Planners, Strategists & Creators and an experience of more than 10 years, Almond is the leading Branding & Design Agency in India. Specializing in Brand Creation, Brand Strategy & Development, we combine branding and design thinking to deliver disruptive brand design solutions.


Almond is led by the young and dynamic, brand design entrepreneur, Saswata Das. With over a decade full of experience as a Design & Brand Consultant, he has worked with established brands as well as startups across markets. He has an enriching experience of creating brands, leading teams and growing businesses.

Saswata has a rare combination of business acumen and creative flair. Under his able leadership, we at Almond, work with you more as partners to nourish your brands to greater success.

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With diminished barriers and welcoming ecosystems, the time is just ripe for startups in every field. But abundant opportunities also mean abundant competition. You need the perfect Branding and Design partners to set your brand apart.


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